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We help leaders reimagine work and the way their businesses and people operate.

Work gets done more efficiently and effectively when people, teams and managers leverage, with strategic intention, the work flexibility, technology and workspace options that are available and, in many cases, underutilized.
People will work for you, and give you their best, when they have some degree of control over how, when and where they do their jobs, and manage their lives.

Engagement and well-being increase when people learn how to flexibly fit work and life together, day-to-day and at major life transitions, in a way that benefits them and the business.

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Cali Williams Yost
CEO + Founder
Workplace Strategist + Futurist

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Yes, in many organizations, people already have access to some type of informal or formal work flexibility (remote work, flexible time), technology and workspace; however…

Giving individuals, teams and managers the mindset, skills and tools to coordinate and leverage how, when and where work is done to achieve measurable results. That’s high performance flexibility.

It’s about answering the question:
“What do we need to get done, and how, when and where do we do it best?”

High Performance Flexibility™ is an Ecosystem in Action

Employees, teams, managers and groups work together to coordinate the use of flexibility, technology and workspace for the benefit of the business and individual.

Employees aren’t simply checking a box to officially, and rigidly, change how, when or where they do their jobs. They know how to leverage, with active strategic intention, all types of work flexibility, technology and workspace options available to do their jobs well, and manage their lives.

Teams actively coordinate their use of work flexibility, technology and workspaces and clarify expectations related to accessibility and responsiveness to ensure work is done efficiently.

Managers no longer struggle alone with primary “discretion” over how technology is used, when time is optimized and where work is done. Instead, managers have the skills and tools to partner with employees and help them actively match how, when and where they do their work to accomplish their shifting priorities.

Facilities isn’t just redesigning onsite workspaces to put more bodies into the same square footage. Instead they integrate and promote the use of space — on and off-site — to maximize resources, performance and well-being.

HR doesn’t write one-size-fits-all policies and rules unable to account for the countless, ever-changing ways work could be done. Instead they support and facilitate the necessary changes in mindset and behaviors that that make high performance flexibility possible.

Information Technology (IT) isn’t just giving people access to hardware and software. They provide training and contextualize how to use technology to get the job done effectively and creatively.

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