Has working flexibly across different locations thrown your team into chaos?

Our free Dot2Dot template can help you plan where your team is working each day to make coordination easier. 

Download this FREE template, available in Google Sheets and MS Excel.

This tool may be for you if:

  • Your team is working from different locations — working from home, on site, traveling to clients, or between offices
  • Certain activities need everyone in one place
  • The shift to flexible work has felt a bit haphazard

Scheduling template available FREE in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. Not sure which to choose?
If you already have a Google Account (like Gmail) and are comfortable with spreadsheets “in the cloud,” make a copy of the Google Sheets template.
If you are more familiar with Excel, download the MS Excel version to store on a shared network drive.

Connecting the dots means . . . joining everyone together across place, space, and time to bring coordination and order to flexible workplaces.



The old professional culture created a sense of wholeness because we all worked at set times in fixed places. But those times are over. Meanwhile, the NEW way of work has yet to emerge.

Some fundamental truths remain the same. We need to find new ways to collaborate and we need to feel connected. Our happiness and prosperity depend on it. That’s why I want to help you connect the dots.


Hi, I’m Cali. 

For 20 years, I’ve been the CEO of Flex+Strategy Group and the leading authority on building high performance, flexible organizations. I’ve helped thousands of businesses reimagine how, when and where work is done.

75% of organizations say they’re struggling with how to manage teams no longer in fixed office places. (Deloitte) That’s not unexpected, humans aren’t typically GOOD at change, right? So it’s good business to get ahead of these issues.

This tool is one of the most requested by my clients, and I hope you enjoy it for FREE!

Download this FREE template, available in Google Sheets and MS Excel.

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your free Dot2Dot scheduling template available in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.