COVID-19: Essential Flexible Work Resources

Insights and Tips to Help You Now and Beyond!

The response to COVID-19 threw everyone into the remote and flexible work deep end and said “swim!” NOW. We’re here to catch you.

We have only just begun to reimagine where, when and how we work, and manage our health and lives, is just beginning. There’s no going back to business as it was.  Now is the time to prepare to succeed in in the evolving, flexible next normal.

Reimagining Work (and Life) Through Crisis is a free 12 webinar series of essential insights and inspirational tips for leaders, teams, and individuals. Plus, we share 4 free webinar leadership conversations with some of Cali’s favorite thinkers.  We also developed a number of printed resources for you to download. We’ve used our two decades of experience implementing strategic work flexibility to put structure, intention, hope, and inspiration around working through and beyond crisis. Our focus is five principles:

  • Keep It Simple
  • Start with Where You Are
  • Make It About Intention Not Perfection
  • Prioritize, Communicate, Re-calibrate
  • Leverage the Learning

Join us as we focus on the key pillars of Work, Life, and Leadership.

How Can We Help You Reimagine Work (and Life) through Crisis and Beyond?

Flexible Work + Life Success
Insight Webinars

Cali Williams Yost facilitates a series of Insight Sessions. She spends 15-20 minutes sharing a key belief, process, and/or skill that set leaders, teams and individuals up to succeed during the most extreme “safe at home” phase of the crisis and beyond, followed by Q&A.

Leading Resilient, Flexible Workplaces:
Expert Insights

Cali Williams Yost discusses Expert Insights with some of her favorite experts – Executives, Deans and Thought Leaders. Watch as they share what it takes to lead today and in the flexible, evolving next normal. Gain inspiring perspective on how to leverage the trial-by-fire COVID-19 work response to build flexible, resilient organizations positioned to succeed now, and in the future.

Insight Sessions

Session 1 – Reimagining Work (and Life) Through Crisis

Join Cali Williams Yost for a new series, “Reimagining Work (and Life) Through Crisis.” This important series takes a deep dive into preparing you and your organization to succeed in an evolving, flexible new normal.

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Session 2 – Seven Truths of Work and Life

We are watching the real-time destruction of the artificial boundary between work and life. Learn the “Seven Truths of Work and Life” in COVID-19 crisis and what this means for you and your organization.

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Session 3 – Shared Leadership: Trust, Performance and Empathy

Shared Leadership between managers, teams and individual employees is the foundation of a successful flexible work culture. In this session, we cover how, in crisis, it requires a unique combination of trust, performance and empathy to develop and maintain.

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Session 4 – Boundaries and Intention but Not Perfection

Reimagining work and life also requires rethinking how we set boundaries to get our jobs done in collaboration with those we work with while taking care of ourselves and the other priorities in our lives. In this session, we learn the secrets of the work+life fit “naturals.”

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Session 5 – Mindset Shifts: Why Work is a “What” and Flexibility Isn’t Always “Fair”

With no wide-scale testing, tracking or treatment for COVID-19 available, flexibility in the way work is done is the only piece of the process to rebuild economic momentum currently in place. We will need to shift two important mindsets to use flexibility successfully as we move forward.

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Session 6 – Habits and Moments to Physical, Emotional and
Mental Well-Being

The greater the disruption in work and life, the more intentional the priorities that support our physical, emotional and mental well-being need to be, especially when faced with the unique challenges of this pandemic. Cali shares the habits and moments that were part of her Quarantine Daily Routine.

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Session 7 – Leveling Up: Take Communication and Coordination to the Next Level

As we move from emergency work flexibility adaptation to strategic operation, it’s time to explore what’s working and what can be done better and smarter, especially when it comes to communication and coordination with direct reports, colleagues, and customers. In this session, Cali shares tips and stories to inspire you to think about how you can take the way you communicate and coordinate to the next level.

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Session 8 – Caring for and Coordinating with Those You Love (and Live with)

With millions of children home, along with moms and dads, as schools, daycare and camps have closed, COVID-19 presented a never before seen work and life reality. Suddenly we were sharing “workspaces” and “homeschools” with our partners, children and roommates. This session provides some tools and resources to care for and coordinate with all in the household.

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Session 9 – Avoiding Common Work Flexibility Traps: Singular-Focus, “All or Nothing” Action and Randomness|

As organizations implement their next phase of how, when and where work gets done post COVID-19 crisis, many risk falling into three common flexible work traps. Cali provides several examples of these traps and guidance on how to avoid them in your organization.

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Session 10 – What We Did Right:  Step Back, Take Stock and Celebrate What Has Worked to Move Forward

Practically overnight work and life changed dramatically and challenges are still ahead. But, before we move forward, let’s take a few minutes to step back and celebrate some of the ways pivoted as an economy, as organizations and as individuals. In this session, we discuss how to build on that success to do our jobs, manage our lives, run our businesses and reboot the economy as safely as possible.

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Session 11Five Next Steps–How to Keep Reimagining Work (and Life) Beyond the Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. What are the next steps we can take to continue to run our businesses, do our jobs, manage our lives and restart our economy while staying as healthy and safe as possible? Cali shares specific actions each organization, leader, manager, team, and individual can take as we move into the next stage of the pandemic and beyond.

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Session 12 – Wrap Up: From “Deep End” Overwhelm to Possibility

Time to review and wrap up our 12 session webinar series and learn how each session’s key theme built a framework of action to take you from landed in the deep end of overwhelm to greater awareness and mastery of new ways to reimagine how, when and where we work and manage our lives.

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View recent media coverage of Cali’s perspectives on reimagining work during COVID-19 and crisis.

Expert Insights

Expert Insights:
How the Pandemic Forced Us to Disrupt
Ourselves in Real Time

Whitney Johnson, the leading thinker on innovation through personal disruption, joins Cali Yost to explain how COVID-19 threw everyone onto the new S-curve of learning related to remote and flexible work overnight. She provides critical context and guidance for how leaders can approach and leverage this new reality.

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Listen to Our Joint Podcast

Expert Insights:
Lessons in Trust and Engagement Learned from Leading Distributed Teams

Sarah Milstein is the Senior Director of Engineering at MailChimp. Throughout her career in tech and media, she’s gained deep experience leading distributed teams and writes about it often in Medium. Sarah joins Cali Yost to share lessons learned about trust and engagement of a remote workforce.

Visit Sarah’s Website

Expert Insights:
What Will Leadership Have to Look Like Through the COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond?

Kenneth Freeman, Dean Emeritus, Management & Organizations, Boston University’s Questrom School of Business and Former CEO, Quest Diagnostics, shares his thoughts on how traditional leadership styles will have to adapt to lead flexible, distributed organizations that keep employees healthy while also responding to the difficult economic challenges still ahead.

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Expert Insights:
Leading the Shift to High Performance Flexibility

Elizabeth D. Moore, former Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Consolidated Edison. Liz Moore is one of the most visionary leaders we’ve had the pleasure to partner with. In 2016 until she retired in late 2019, Liz led the process to transform her 200-person legal department into a high performance flexible work culture. Her experience offers important lessons for other leaders regardless of industry.

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Handout: ConEd Legal Pilot Results [PDF]

Ways We Can Help You Reimagine Work (and Life) through Crisis

For two decades, Cali Williams Yost, one of the world’s foremost experts on the flexible future of work, has understood that flexibility in where, when and how work is done is mission-critical in good times and bad.

To that end, Yost and the Flex+Strategy Group have helped organizations build dynamic, future-ready cultures that attract and retain an engaged, diverse workforce; increase productivity and innovation; enhance employee well-being and maintain operating continuity when faced with unexpected disruptions, like COVID-19.

It’s the reason organizations like Columbia University, Harvard University, and others reached out to Cali in the early stages of the crisis. As one client noted:

“At a time of great uncertainty, Cali was able to create an informative and valuable opportunity that helped reframe our new remote work circumstance. With very little time to prepare, significant new challenges facing our audiences and the need for delivering an appropriate tone, Cali delivered real solutions.”

Our commitment is to tailor solutions to your unique goals and needs. To get started, here are some examples of ways we can help you reimagine work through this crisis and beyond:

Crisis Audit: High Performance Flexibility Ecosystem and Culture NOW

The Flex+Strategy Group team will use our proprietary High Performance Flexibility Ecosystem and Culture frameworks to analyze the current state of flexibility in how, when and where work is done in your organization. This process will give you insights into the next stage actions that will prepare your organization for success during the crisis and beyond.

Training: Manager and Employee Skills and Tools for the Evolving, Flexible New Normal

In response to COVID-19, managers, teams, and employees may have been thrown into the flexible work deep end, but this virtual training series will give them the skills and tools they need to succeed. They will learn how to leverage work flexibility, technology and workspace (on and offsite) with strategic, coordinate intention as the realities of the business and the broader economy continue to evolve.

What’s Next? Developing a Responsive, Hybrid Remote/Onsite Flexible Work Strategy

This planning process is for organizations that want to develop their ongoing strategic response to the evolving challenges posed by COVID-19. After initial “safe at home” mandates are lifted, how will your business shift to a more hybrid remote/onsite flexible work reality? We help you develop and implement a culture-based approach that allows your people to actively leverage the possibilities at the core of technology, work flexibility and workspace (on and offsite). The Flex+Strategy Group team will build on the work done in the Crisis Audit (above) to begin to help you map out a next stage action plan.

Beyond the Crisis: Building a High Performance Flexible Work Culture with Intention

At some point, this crisis response to COVID-19 will end as testing, tracing, and vaccines emerge. This will allow organizations to step back, learn from and optimize the rapid shifts in where, when and how people were forced to work. They will have an opportunity to build on that foundation and continue the flexible work culture shift process, but with strategic, deliberate intention. The Flex+Strategy Group team will help leaders answer the questions who are we now, where do we want our Ecosystem and Culture of High Performance Flexibility to be, and how do we get there?

Strategic Advisory Retainer

Right now, leadership teams are getting their bearings, reviewing their COVID-19 response to date and considering what still needs to happen with regard to where, when and how work can be done to execute the shifting priorities of the business. Cali Williams Yost can support that effort by offering her deep, broad experience from two decades of successfully making flexibility in the way work is done part of the cultural DNA and strategic decision-making process of the business.

To learn more, email us at We look forward to helping unlock the power of culture-based flexibility in the way work is done for you and your organization.