Helping organizations unlock new levels of performance and well-being by reimagining the way work is done with strategic intention – “what do we need to do and how, where, and when do we do it best?

What is the potential return when we reimagine work and transform into a high performance flexible organization? That might seem like a difficult question, but our Return on Flexibility™ calculator makes the determination quick and easy for you.

For an organization and its workforce to thrive now, and in the future, work flexibility must be part of the planning, coordination and execution of strategic priorities. This requires investing in a multi-faceted system of change that aligns processes, people and culture into a dynamic, flexible operating model.

Cali Yost and the Flex+Strategy Group can simplify and accelerate the transformation process. With nearly three decades of experience executing flexible, hybrid work strategies, they know how to maximize the profit, performance, and impact by reimagining how, when and where work is done, but it still requires organizational commitment and focus at all levels to get there. There must be a clear return on that investment for high performance flexibility to rise to the top of competing priorities especially in the midst of disruption and uncertainty.

The business case needs to be made.

Now, the Flex+Strategy Group has distilled key factors of FSG’s high performance flexible operating model into a single computation tool—the Return on Flexibility™ calculator—to make that case and demonstrate how strategic work flexibility can help your organization and workforce thrive.

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    For decades, Cali Yost’s clients have reaped the returns of strategic work flexibility by executing FSG’s unique high performance flexible operating model. Now, after two years in the making, her Return on Flexibility™ calculator is available to inform and inspire your organization too.

    Designed for workplaces of all shapes and sizes, the Return on Flexibility™ calculator is an integrated computational tool formulated to rapidly quantify the expected return on key factors of high performance flexibility. Now, any organization can measure the impacts of its transition to more strategic, intentional work flexibility—and see exactly how it can improve operating results.

    • Annual EARNING RETURNS from increased work flexibility.

    • The KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS (KPIs) of your flexible operations.

    • The PROFIT MARGIN of flexible work and the upfront INVESTMENT costs.

    • The first steps to consider when creating a FLEXIBLE WORK STRATEGY.

    “The high performance flexibility framework represents my front-line, real-world experience helping visionary leaders simplify and accelerate transformation —both before the pandemic and over the past 18 months—as they implemented the very same system of change that you can adopt. It starts by calculating your Return on Flexibility™ and making the case.”


    I’m Cali Yost and for almost three decades, we’ve brought tens of thousands of leaders, managers and employees together to transform how, when and where their organizations operate and in doing so, have seen first-hand the level of productivity, engagement and well-being a well-executed flexible work strategy can unlock.

    In the process, our clients have earned millions for their stakeholders that would have otherwise been left on the table. Now, I want to help your organization do the same.

    The pandemic accelerated the flexible transformation of how, when, and where work is done that was already underway for decades. We are not going “back.” But far too many organizations are still unprepared to meet the next level of change: putting strategy, structure and process around what will be a new flexible way of operating.

    Our Return on Flexibility™ calculator can help your organization bridge the gap, allowing it to accurately forecast its ROF in order to raise work flexibility to the level of strategic importance and commitment it requires for the business and people to thrive now, and in the future.

    I’m inviting you to embrace the future of work, now—ROF is the first step, demonstrating how that future can benefit your business today.

    Early enrollment for Flex+Strategy’s Return on Flexibility™ calculator runs from December 8 through December 15, 2021. A limited number of licenses for early adoptees will be granted free of charge.