Building a Flexible Work Culture of High Performance and Well-Being

Every organization faces the same challenges:

  • Grow the business and find operating efficiencies–do what you do smarter, better and more nimbly with the same or fewer resources.
  • Rollout a new technology before everyone fully understands how to use the last one to get their jobs done more productively.
  • Redesign workspace to be more “open and collaborative” and to save money by putting more people into the same square footage even if it’s harder for some to concentrate in the office, and
  • Provide current and prospective employees with the desired flexibility in how, when and where they do their jobs and manage their lives while meeting the needs of the business.

Close up, these changes seem to be separate, isolated trends.  But if you pull back the lens, they are all part of the same strategic opportunity: How do you give people the mindset, skills and tools to do their jobs in new, more flexible and innovative ways with the same, or fewer, resources while achieving high levels of performance and well-being?  Build a high performance flexible work culture.

Leaders who attend this session will:

  • Understand how to articulate a vision of flexible work success where individuals, teams, and managers leverage work flexibility, technology, and workspaces with strategic intention to transform the business and their lives.
  • Discover the High Performance Flexible Work Culture Principles and “Think/Do” Guardrails that guide cultural transformation with measurable impact.
  • Recognize how to pull together a cross-functional team of line managers, employees, and representatives from HR, technology, and facilities to lead the change process together.