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What I Learned in 2015

I thought I’d give you a preview of some of the lessons learned that will make my list for 2015. There were many, but these three stick out as particularly important […]

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Work-life does not imply age, gender, or parenthood

I was honored when the The Boston Globe asked me to contribute an OpEd to “The Work Issue” they published this past weekend in honor of Labor Day. The article, “Work-life does not imply age, gender, or parenthood,” included the above graphics highlighting results from the recent national study we conducted in partnership with ORC International […]

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“Want to Work Less?” All Hands Go Up. “But, You’ll Make Less Money” Most Hands Go Down

Carlos Slim and the founders of Google have identified very real challenges. They should be applauded for starting an important conversation. But any wholesale reduction or reconfiguration of the workweek will require new approaches to compensation, updated employment legislation, and revised team management processes, benefits calculations and internal cost accounting rules to succeed. That will be a heavy lift.

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