An Example of High Performance Flexibility in Action

Micrsoft’s internal announcement will move to the company’s sixth and final stage of the hybrid work model, effective Feb. 28, 2022, provides great insights into high performance flexibility as a dynamic, responsive way of operating:

–Health data has driven the onsite recalibration through the six stages of increased onsite presence during the pandemic. There wasn’t a flip-the-switch “back to the office” return date. It will be interesting to see, if there’s another variant, if Microsoft continues to follow the stages and publicly dials down onsite work.

–“We know there’s not a singular solution to how people work best, which is why we believe flexibility should be at the forefront of our evolving hybrid workplace.” Key words: best, flexibility and evolving.

–Flexibility at two levels: Level 1–there seems to be team-based, day-to-day “determine how and where they work best” operating flexibility within the guardrail of 50% onsite work (assuming there’s manager and employee training to support effective execution), and then Level 2–the opportunity to propose a formal plan to officially “adjust work site, location or hours.”

It’s also important to note that Microsoft first shared the outline of this model months ago which is why they can execute, evolve and experiment as realities change. That’s high performance flexibility in action.

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