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52 Weeks of Work+Life Fit

Week 3: As the pandemic destroys what was left of the traditional boundaries between where work ends and the other parts of life begin, it’s more important than ever that we set those boundaries ourselves by managing the way our work and life fit together, day-to-day (tweaks) and at major life transitions (resets).

Week 2: After our CEO and founder, @caliwilliamsyost introduced the concept of #worklifefit in 2004, in 2010, Dr. Ellen Kossek of Purdue University published a survey individuals could take to determine if you are a #worklife integrator, separator or “cycler” (sometimes integrator, sometimes separator).  It’s another way to show how with #worklifefit we are all unique. Go to the link in the bio to take the survey yourself and let us know what you find out about how you prefer to fit work and life together.

Week 1: Week 1 of the “52 Weeks of Work+Life Fit” begins by keeping a single calendar to see a complete picture of your commitments on and off the job, increasing the likelihood that what matters happens. It seems straightforward, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do this or don’t even keep a personal calendar. They’re missing out on the benefits of a powerful, yet simple tool. It will be one of the keys to professional success and personal well-being in the flexible work and life reality of 2021 and beyond.