15 Years of Work+Life Fit

A colleague recently surprised me when she said, “Did you know your first book, “Work+Life” came out fifteen years ago?”

After recovering from the initial shock of how quickly a decade and a half flew by, I realized this anniversary was an excellent opportunity to do three things:

  • Reflect on where we were back then and what I saw related to how, when and where work could be done, and life managed;
  • Compare it to where we are today; and then
  • Think about where we still need to go in the future.

Each week through the end of the year, I’ll share more “then, now and future” work+life fit reflections that will include some of my favorite excerpts from my books, Work+Life: Finding the Fit That’s Right for You, and the follow-up, Tweak It: Make What Matters to You Happen Every Day.

I will also:

  • Post #worklifefit “tweaks” and “resets” on Instagram (including highlights from my own personal “fit”!), so follow me @worklifefit and share yours.
  • For subscribers to my newsletter only—host a live webinar in early December to share work+life fit insights and answer questions in person! Stay tuned for more details. (If you know of someone you think would enjoy the newsletter and webinar, please forward this sign-up link and encourage them to join us!).

To kick off the anniversary celebration, I recorded a short, 5-minute video sharing the work+life fit origin story.

I love remembering this wonderfully unexpected “light bulb” moment that radically changed how I, and now countless others, flexibly fit their work and life together. Just click my picture below and play. Enjoy!