2013 New Research Reveals Major Myths in Telework Debate and a Growing Struggle in Open Offices / More Women Put in Hours at the Office and in Cubes While More Men Telework

Our latest national research shatters myths about who is working where and reveals new realities along with new struggles facing full-time employees and how they work.  Using a national probability survey of 556 full-time employed adults, we looked at both telework and the growing open office trend and found the way employees work today has changed dramatically.  Our concern is organizations have been slow to acknowledge and adapt to this fundamentally new and different work reality and as such may compromise the performance and wellbeing of both their business and employees.  This research was made possible with the support of Quest Diagnostics and is based on a December 2013 telephone survey conducted by ORC International with a margin of error of +/- 4 percent.  Findings and analysis are solely FSG/WLF’s.

WLFitWhereWorkReleaseFINAL PDF