Work+Life Fit: Enable Engagement, Profit and Sustainable Growth

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Moe Abdou, the founder and visionary behind

The mission of is to “bring together the most influential thinking and thinkers on the planet to help entrepreneurs and business creators build great businesses and live great lives.”

With an intention like that, you can’t help but be a fan.

Not only is Moe Abdou a terrific interviewer, but he truly understands that work+life fit and flexibility are strategic business imperatives that can lead to engagement, profit and sustainable growth. That’s not always the case for business leaders, like Moe, with backgrounds in finance and entrepreneurship.

Because he “gets it,” we covered a lot of fascinating territory in our interview, including:

Ambition.  Why we need to expand the definition of ambition beyond just “work.”  How some of the most interesting and successful people are ambitious in work AND life. These are the highly engaged, creative, innovative thinkers influencing companies and communities.

Work+life fit, engagement, and profit: Why there is a direct link.

The challenge posed by work and life integration.  Clocks and walls disappeared and no longer tell us where work ends and other parts of life begin. Because nothing replaced those traditional boundaries, we are still reeling from the radical change.

Work+life fit and sustainable growth.  There are times when work may be a greater priority, but then there will be periods where personal demands require more attention.  In order to sustain work effort for the long haul, we cannot continually neglect our health, loved ones, professional development.

Why we need to manage the fit between work and life:  I talk about how my work with these issues over the last two decades caused me to reject the mythology that someone else could tell us when to shut down and find an overall sense of well-being.  Why knowing how to manage our unique work+life fit is a modern skill set that requires training and support.  And why I wrote my new book, TWEAK IT, to offer a simple weekly work+life fit “how to” practice.

How to harness the power of small deliberate actions. We can’t be reactive bystanders frantically responding to what comes at us every day. We need to reflect and make small, intentional choices in our work, personal life and careers each week, otherwise it’s too overwhelming and what matters to us won’t happen.

I hope you will take a few minutes to listen to the interview. Then please share your thoughts about work+life fit as a modern path to the engagement, profit and sustainable growth.

Again, many thanks to Moe Abdou and 33Voices!


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