The Joyful Honor of Being One of the “40 Over 40 to Watch”

Recognition for doing work you love is always a thrill.  But when I was named to the inaugural “40 Women Over 40 to Watch” list, I experienced a special mix of honor, excitement, humility and joy.

Here’s why:

The “40 Over 40” creators and judges.  Please take a minute to review the names of the remarkable team who created this list honoring the accomplishments of women over 40 years old–Whitney Johnson, Christina Vuleta, Jocelyn Bonneau and Molly Ford.  Then, take another moment to look at the list of judges.  To have my work recognized at any age by this impressive mix of women and men from tech, corporate, social impact, vc, media, etc…Thank you all.

The mission of the list:  As list co-creator, Whitney Johnson, noted in a recent Harvard Business Review post, the research shows that “entrepreneurs get better with age.”  All I know is that, at age 48, I feel even better than I did at 28, which was pretty good!  The list is public acknowledgement of the power that comes from growth, wisdom and experience.

The other 39 women:  WOW! Seriously.

Each winner’s “Push Page”:  This may be one of my favorite new discoveries thanks to the “40 Over 40.”  Each one of the winners was asked to create a “Push Page,” which is a social media platform on which you answer questions about yourself.  Everyone’s answers offer a fascinating, in depth, glimpse into who they are.  Check out my page…you will discover, among other things: the name of my greatest mentor; what activity I love to do but wish I was better at; what I disrupted; my first job and the favorite place I have ever traveled.

Future winners:  As soon as I read this year’s list, I couldn’t help but think of next year, and the next year.  The founders of “40 Over 40” hope to inspire younger women with role models.  If I can offer inspiration and celebrate their future success, count me in!