Your “Tweaks” for the Week of April 8th? Here are Mine! (video)

How are you going to tweak the way work fits into your life this week to make what matters happen every day?

Check out this brief two minute video where I share my “tweaks of the week” for the week of April 8th, and tell the story behind the scary picture of me below!

Now I want to hear from you! Join me TODAY, Monday, April 8th from 12:30-1:00pm est LIVE on our Facebook page, to:

  • Celebrate what you did accomplish last week
  • Share one or two small actions with big impact you are going to make part of your work+life fit this week
  • Ask questions and get encouragement to stay on track!
Or, share your tweaks for this week any time on Twitter.  Use hashtag #mytweaks and cc. me @caliyost. I will see it and give you a shout out!



My standard tweaks for the week of April 8th:








Why I didn’t make it to the fundraiser last week…proof that I needed a shower after the gym!