Rethinking Work/Life Balance < Aol.on Life Tips Video>

Recently, I visited Huffington Post Live to talk about TWEAK IT and why we need to rethink the way we fit work into our lives every day.

This three-minute segment, “Rethinking Work-Life Balance,” was rebroadcast on Aol.on Life Tips.

Here’s a preview of the issues that host, Alicia Menendez, and I addressed:

Alicia Menendez: So tell me why the rejection of work-life balance?

Me: Quite frankly, Alicia it just does not exist. It sets us up to look for something that we are never going to achieve. We don’t see the possibilities for our own work and life. And it has to be about the possibilities because there is no right answer. We’re all different. We all have unique realities at home and at work. So how do we fit it all together in a way that it works for us and our jobs?

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