My “Tweaks of the Week” February 11th: Writing, Valentine’s Day, Kids’ Tech & Spring Activities


No “tweaks” last week…my sites were hacked by “content scrapers!” It looks like we have all of the firewalls in place to stop them… fingers crossed.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to post my “Tweaks of the Week” last week because every time I input new content into my blog, TWEAK IT Together site, or Flex+Strategy Group / Work+Life Fit corporate site, all three would crash.

For the past few weeks we’ve tried to figure out why this happened.  Finally, the programmers discovered the server what being “bombed” (for lack of a better word) by login attempts and crashing.  And it did seem to happen most frequently when I would add new content to the site.

Their theory is that “content scrappers” were trying to take the new information. Hmmm….Regardless, new firewalls are in place, and we can now track and share our ‘Tweaks of the Week” for February 11th!

But before we get started, I want to share my…

Favorite reader “TWEAK IT” of the week:

This tweak comes from the comments on my Fast Company post “5 Insanely Simple Work-Life Balance Shortcuts from People Who “Have It All:

“I totally agree on breaking it down into small steps.  Just yesterday I met a woman who was asking me about work and life.  She said that her aging parents were in Asia, and she wanted a life where she could go see them on a regular basis.  I said, “It sounds like you want to see your parents.”  She answered that she did, and her eyes began to well up.  I said, “Ask for a week’s vacation and go see them.” Sometimes we are so stuck on the idea of getting a sustainable, long-term fit in place, that we don’t see that just a little bit can go a really long way.”

What matters to me at work the week of February 11th:

This week I have two main goals, both of which require long periods of concentration: 1) Finish three articles, and 2) Finalize the marketing copy with my team for new products and services we are launching.  I have blocked off most of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

What matters in my personal life the week of February 11th:

For my standards tweaks this week, I have added “Make time to blog about my Tweaks of the Week” to my standard tweaks. My routine is to pick my tweaks on Sunday, but I have struggled to find time to blog about them.  The site crashing issues didn’t help!  Now that they are resolved (knock on wood), hopefully it will become just another part of my habit.

This week for my unique tweaks I want to:

  • Celebrate Valentine’s day with my family. Love the love!
  • After the storm, my grey car is now white from the salt. Normally, I drive around like that for weeks, but I’ve learned from the TWEAK IT car maintenance expert, that’s not good.
  • With the kids this week, the focus is on reviewing and resetting the technology boundaries (the phone is always in their hands again), and
  • All of the Spring activity schedules are set. My husband and I need to put them into our TWEAK IT snapshots and coordinate carpools.

What about you?  How will you “tweak” your work+life fit to take to make what matters happen the week of February 11th?