My “Tweaks of the Week”: Friends, Travel, Doctors (Try Again) and Personal Finance

I posted my “tweaks of the week” for January 21st a little late because, after trying to avoid it, I caught the bug that my daughter had earlier. Something is definitely going around. Stay well!

My favorite tweaks you shared this week

One of the best parts of sharing the TWEAK IT message is when you to tell me the small actions that mean the most in your everyday work+life fit. Here are three of my favorites from this week:

“I set the timer for 30 minutes every Sunday. And for those 30 minutes I cleaned my garage. It took a few weeks to finish. I was so inspired I had them put in the nice garage floor. Every morning it feels so good to go out to my car. I’m now going to tackle my home office!”

“I am an emergency room nurse, and every day we try to laugh at least once. You can really feel the difference when we forget.”

“I love to drop my daughters off at school in the morning.”

Keep sharing your tweaks in the comments of this post, on Facebook, Twitter (#TWEAKIT), Pinterest, or Google+!

How did I do with my “tweaks for the week” of January 14th? According to the “My Tweaks” tracker on the mobile-friendly site, I completed 73% of my tweaks. Yeah! That’s great considering how busy I was with work and I got sick!

I didn’t make the doctors appointments for everyone or call my insurance agent, because on Friday afternoon when I had planned on completing those two tweaks, the bug hit and I was down for the count.

Looking to the next seven days, my standard tweaks remain the same:



My unique tweaks for this week focus on friends, travel, doctors (again) and more personal finances. I am going to:

  • Have lunch with a friend who is looking for a new job.
  • Research a possible trip for my family to meet me in Chicago for the weekend after I present at a conference.
  • Make the doctor and dentist appointments I missed last Friday when I got sick.
  • Now that we’ve chosen our personal finance app, I am going to load in the accounts.
I added my standard and unique tweaks of the week to my calendar and priority list.  I’m ready to just TWEAK IT and make what matters to me this week happen!
What about you?  What are your tweaks for the week of January 21st?