My “Tweaks of the Week”: Community, Doctors, Finances

Every Sunday, I complete the TWEAK IT practice.  Now that the book is out, you can join me!  

Each week, I will share the unique and standard “tweaks of the week” I entered into the mobile-friendly tracker “My Tweaks” tracker that you access when you join the Tweak It Together community site.

Then I would love to hear from you:

  • What small actions are you going to make happen in the next seven days?
  • What advice do you need?
  • What advice can you share with me and others?

Here is how I worked through the practice for the week of January 14th:

My TWEAK IT snapshot: This coming week, I am deep in the launch of the book and the introduction of  a whole new package of products for employees and leaders in organizations. In other words, there’s a lot of work to do!

With that in mind, here are the small actions that I will make part of my everyday work+life fit:

My standard tweaks: These are the standard tweaks that I want to accomplish and recorded in my mobile-friendly tracker:

My unique tweaks for the week: my three areas of focus will be community, doctors appointments and personal finances.

Community: I want to take the girls to the funeral of a very special young boy from our church who died on Friday.  He and his family mean a great deal to our community and it is important we help them celebrate his life.

Doctors: Every six months, I like to schedule all of the basic doctors appointments (e.g. physicals, dentist, eye doctor) so that I get the times that work best for me and we don’t forget.

Personal Finances: Every January, we say “we are going to really commit to a website to monitor our finances” but each year we look, sort of try and not commit.  I want to pick one and just do it.  Also, after Super Storm Sandy, we need to review our insurance to make sure we are covered for wind and other types of damage in the future.




Collaboration and communication: This is probably the most important part of the practice for me (page 2 of the worksheet). Here’s what I need to do and who I have to talk to to make my tweaks happen…

For my standard tweaks to succeed: I need to go to bed earlier on Monday and Wednesday night so that I can go to the gym early on Tuesday and Thursday.

For my unique tweaks to succeed: I talked to my husband about setting time aside to pick a financial website on Saturday and I rescheduled a meeting I had on Monday afternoon in order to go to the funeral.

Finally, I have entered my tweaks into my calendar and priority list system to that I have complete snapshot of my work+life fit as I am making decisions this week.

Now you!   

See you back here on Sunday January 20th.  We’ll celebrate your TWEAK IT success for the week, and plan how to make what matters to you happen in the next seven days!
Remember, to make what matters to you happen every day…Just TWEAK IT!