My “Tweaks of the Week”: Celebrating 56% Success Last Week! What?

Wow! What a week. Lots of great work opportunities and I still got 56% of my tweaks for the week done…and even a couple more I hadn’t planned.  56%?  Why am I celebrating?  We’ll get to that in a minute.  But first…

Your Favorite Tweaks

Again, I love it when you share the favorite small actions that mean a lot in your busy everyday work+life fit.  Here are a couple of great ones from last week:

  • On days that are too packed for a run, I make one meeting a walking meeting. I just walked 1.5 miles at a healthy pace while ironing out the details for a new project via phone. (Thank you Becky Robinson!)
  • I just slow down and breathe.
  • I actually met my friends for drinks after work. Usually, someone starts the cancellation chain with “I can’t make it,” but this time we all made it and we had a great time.

How Did I Do Last Week? 56%…Yeah!

Originally, I had carved out chunks of time last week to write, write, write, but when the opportunity to appear, in the studio on Huffington Post Live popped up, I grabbed it!  It was terrific, but essentially took up all of Thursday.

Not only did I not write as much as I had intended, but a number of the tweaks I had scheduled (research Chicago trip, call insurance agent and load financial links)  didn’t happen, as I reordered my calendar.

BUT I am still celebrating even though, according to the “My Tweaks” online tracker, I only completed 56% of my tweaks for last week because I grabbed some wonderful work opportunities but was still able to:

  • Have lunch with my friend who was looking for a job
  • Move my body four times last week
  • Meditate and write in my journal
  • Shop for and plan our meals on Sunday, and
  • Catch 10 minutes (in smaller 5 minute chunks sometimes) with my husband and kids.
And there was also a bonus unplanned tweak. We went out to dinner with friends and went to a Hurricane Sandy fundraiser to raise money for Union Beach, NJ.
Not bad.  Despite last minute work opportunities, I managed to make quite a few things that mattered to me happen, personally and professionally.  Yeah for 56%!!


My Tweaks for the Coming Week

So far, this week looks pretty quiet on the Western front but you never know!

I’ve added a Standard Tweak to my official list–Watch Downtown Abbey with my 12 year old.  It’s on for the next few weeks and we love it.  So it’s a date set in stone.


For my Unique Tweaks the Week, I am going to give the trip planning, insurance call and personal financial links another try.

What About You?  What small actions and priorities that matter to you will you make happen this week in your work+life fit?

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