Replay: Live TWEAK IT Book Launch Webcast with Me and Maggie Mistal

Join the TWEAK IT revolution and make what matters to you happen in 2013!

Thank you to my friend, radio host and top career coach, Maggie Mistal, for co-hosting the LIVE webcast launch of my new book, TWEAK IT: Make What Matters to You Happen Every Day (Center Street/Hachette).

This informative and fun interview covered:

Why we need to “sweat the small stuff”if we want to make what matters to us happen in the face of constantly competing work and personal demands.

What are the 7 modern truths about work and life we all need to embrace, including why there is no work-life “balance.

Who are the work+life “fit” naturals and how can their insanely simple secrets help is manage our lives on and off the job.

How the advice of the 50 personal life and career experts in the book can inspire you to get-started and improve your wellness, personal finances, career, caregiving, and personal and home maintenance.

How the Tweak It Together mobile-friendly site helps you track your “Tweaks of the Week” remotely and share your tweaks, advice and inspiration with others across all of the social media platforms.

How you can win a FREE coaching packet with Maggie Mistal (worth more than $5,000!). You must enter by 1/31/13. Check it out!


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Radio host and career coach, Maggie Mistal, interviews Cali Williams Yost about her new book TWEAK IT: Make What Matters to You Happen Every Day on a live webcast sponsored by Citrix.