Less Holiday Stress? Join me LIVE! Simple TWEAK IT 4-Week Holiday Challenge (FREE-Limited Availability)

Buy and wrap gifts.  Attend events.  Host guests.  Send cards. Complete year-end work projects.  And still get enough sleep, exercise and eat well so you don’t pay the price in the New Year!

The holiday season can be the most wonderful time of the year, but also the most difficult with everything we need to get done at work and at home.  Why not make this year different!

JOIN me LIVE for a private, special 4-week TWEAK IT Holiday Challenge!

This special preview of the TWEAK IT practice (not available to the public until January, 8, 2013!) will show you how to harness the power of small, deliberate actions and priorities to make what matters to you happen this holiday season!

How does the TWEAK IT Holiday Challenge work? The Holiday Challenge group (limit number of participants) will:

  • Join the private TWEAK IT Holiday Challenge Facebook group where we will communicate with each other.
  • Meet virtually once a week to check-in and review how we did with our holiday tweaks the previous seven days, including ME!

The schedule will be as follows:

KICK OFF:  1-Hour ; either Friday 11/30 12 pm est OR Sunday 12/2 at 7 pm est.  I will introduce you to the TWEAK IT practice, and we will set out goals for the coming week.

1st Check In: 30 minutes; either Friday 12/7 at 12 pm est OR Sunday 12/9 at 7 pm est.

2nd Check In: 30 minutes; either Friday 12/14 at 12 pm est, OR Sunday 12/16 at 7 pm est.

3rd Check In: 30 minutes; either Friday 12/21 at 12 pm est, OR Sunday 12/23 at 7 pm est.

WRAP UP / New Year Review: 1-Hour; Friday 1/4 at 12 pm est ONLY! We will review how the practice helped us over the holidays and how to take what we’ve learned and continue into 2013.

For participating in the TWEAK IT Holiday Challenge, you will:


  • Receive a FREE signed copy of TWEAK IT: Make What Matters to You Happen Every Day, for your participation in the kick off, one of the weekly check ins and wrap up session.
  • Have a chance to participate in the TWEAK IT national media campaign and share how small changes with big impact made what matters to you happen over the holidays.

To keep the group to a manageable size, we are limiting the number of participants, so sign up NOW!  Contact me at cali@flexstrategygroup.com or Linda Cannilla at linda@flexstrategygroup.com.

If you aren’t able to participate in the TWEAK IT Holiday Challenge, get on our mailing list to learn about the many upcoming opportunities to join in the TWEAK IT revolution when it launches officially on January 8, 2013!

Let’s TWEAK IT and make this holiday season better than ever!