In the News: Work+Life Fit and Flex+Strategy

I may be back in my book writing cave for the next week finishing up this round of edits, but I’ve read some great articles that have been published recently on a variety of work+life fit and flex+strategy topics.  I’m honored that the authors included my thoughts.  Enjoy!

The Hard-numbers Case for a Flexible Workplace by Geri Stengel for

The Secret of Success: Needing Less Sleep? by Laura Vanderkam in

10 Tips for Landing a Flexible Job by Miriam Salpeter for

How Changing Corporate Culture is Good for Business and Employees by Geri Stengel for

How Shift in Workplace Culture Can Help Small Businesses, Non-profits by Geri Stengel for

Does Your Boss E-mail You at 5:00 a.m.? by Harvey Schachter for The Globe and Mail

Also, check out my suggestions in “The Recommender” column in Fast Company’s February issue…you might be surprised!

See you in a couple of weeks!