My Book/Life Fit

I’m writing my second book!  It’s the solution we’re currently missing from our work+life “fit” toolkit.  And I’m very excited.  You will hear much more about it in the coming months.

What makes this book even more fun than my last book is imaging what it’s going to be like to share the result with YOU live on this blog, on Twitter, Facebook, Fast Company, and Forbes Woman.  I often find myself thinking, “I wonder what everyone is going to say about (insert)…”

If you’ve ever written a book, however, you know that it’s an intense process that requires a lot of consistent focus.  Inspired by Deborah Siegel’s SheWrites post, “5 Steps Toward a Better Book/Life Fit” I’ve decided to devote the remainder of August to finishing the first solid draft.  As a result, I’ll be cutting way down on my blogging and social media.   I will post occasional updates of my progress on Twitter @caliyost , hashtag #mybook.

Even though I’m taking a break until early September (unless I finish earlier), I’ve gone back and looked at some of my favorite posts from the past 5 years.  So for the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some of the oldies but goodies from the Work+Life Fit blog.  Let me know what you think.

With that, I’m diving deep into my writing cave!  See you live in a few weeks. Enjoy the remainder of the summer.  <click, click, click>

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