Work+Life Fit Blog–Forbes Top 100 Website for Women (But, It’s Still for Everyone!)

Four and a half years after I wrote the first post (wow, it was lengthy), Forbes. com recently named the Work+Life Fit blog one of the Top 100 Websites for Women!

Thank you to ForbesWoman and to everyone who has read, linked to, and commented on the thoughts I’ve shared.  It’s meant and continues to mean a great deal to be part of this wonderful community.  If you have a chance, check out the other 99 sites recognized by…excellent career, financial, and work+life resources for women (and men).

For anyone who consistently writes a blog, you know it’s a marathon that, at times, requires incredible stamina and discipline to keep it going week in and week out.   So, to celebrate the Forbes recognition, I took the last two weeks off.  It felt great to step back and relax…but it also made me even more excited to take this wonderful blog to the next level.

Join me.  Let’s work together to help everyone (not just women) flexibly optimize their unique work+life fit day-to-day and at major transitions, because it’s work+life fit…not, balance! And let’s show organizations how to make mission-critical work+life flexibility part of  their culture and operating model!  It can be done.

One thought on “Work+Life Fit Blog–Forbes Top 100 Website for Women (But, It’s Still for Everyone!)

  1. Congratulations, Cali for your persistence and perseverance. Welcome back!. It’s amazing that you consistently write such a high-quality and on point blog all by yourself! Here’s to many more years of your voice. Judi

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