Check It Out! Virtual Negotiations Workshop for Women…I’ll be there.

I wanted to share the following information about a virtual negotiations workshop for women that I’m participating in…join me if you need a refresher on how to negotiate what you want and what you are worth!  Scroll down and comment for some free stuff…

Did you know?…that women’s failure to negotiate working conditions, salary or other compensation—along with their hesitancy to seek what they’re worth when they do negotiate—is one of the major reasons for the persistent wage gap for women in all work-related activities?

Did you know?...statistics show that women stand to lose up to $1.2 million over the course of their career by failing to negotiate their first job out of college?

Did you know?…that women simply don’t ask?

Are you ready for a breakthrough in asking for what you want and getting what you’re worth?

She Negotiates is a 4-week virtual learning and journaling course that examines the way you value yourself, your services, your salary, your bonuses and your products, and gives you the tools necessary to recalibrate your market value. The course takes place in the Craving Balance Learning Community (it’s free to join) where you will learn the basics of both distributive and interest-based negotiation strategies, and explore the primary tactics used to negotiate the best deals for yourselves, your clients and your family.

You’ll be coached by attorney-mediator and negotiation trainer Victoria Pynchon and life-balance specialist Lisa Gates. Both Victoria and Lisa will comment and coach you on your homework and journal entries to help you perfect the negotiation techniques taught during the course.

The course also includes one live practicum teleconference per week to role play, answer questions and model the most efficient negotiation and persuasion techniques now being used by the best business schools in the country.


  1. The first woman to write a comment on this post starting with the words, “I negotiate…” will get the course, She Negotiates, for free. ($375 value.)
  2. The second woman to write a comment on this post starting with the words, “I negotiate…” will get the course, She Negotiates, for 1/2 price. ($187.50 value).
  3. The third, fourth and fifth women write a comment on this post starting with the words, “I negotiate…” will receive a copy of Victoria Pynchon’s book, A is for !@#hole: The Grownup’s ABCs of Conflict Resolution, which is scheduled for release in July. Please be sure to include your email address. (Priceless value!)

Course Dates:

June 1 through June 30.

Do the work on your own time and schedule.

Practicum calls: June 8, 15, 22, 29 at 5 p.m. PST / 8 p.m. EST

All calls recorded so if you have to miss a call, you won’t miss a call!

9 thoughts on “Check It Out! Virtual Negotiations Workshop for Women…I’ll be there.

  1. I negotiate all the time! We all do – we’re always persuading people in one way or another…

    Sounds like a wonderful course! Let’s see if I’m the first commenter!


    1. You are the first commenter! I will let Lisa know. “See” you at the class.


  2. Claudine, congratulations! Not only did you win a spot, but you are a step ahead in realizing that you DO actually negotiate every single day. Delicious!

    Thanks to you, Cali, for taking the course and inspiring others!

  3. I negotiate constantly at work and at home. What a challenge! This course sounds like it could be very useful for me. I didn’t realize that much of the salary gap occurs because women simply don’t ask.


    1. We have another winner! See you at the workshop Carey. I will let Lisa Gates know you responded.


  4. I negotiate all the time– although I seldom find myself in those kinds of situations where we turn on the “I’m negotiating!” button– Recently I negotiated a switch in plans with ATT and felt like the poster child for the ‘win-win’ solution…. although I got only part of what I wanted, it was better than if I’d not negotiated at all. But then I wondered– what if I’d had a better plan ahead of time? Would I have gotten a better outcome?

    1. Good for you, CV! I will let Lisa know that you posted an “I negotiate…” comment…hopefully there’s still time to take advantage of her special offers. Would love to have you join the class. I am really looking forward to it.


  5. Cali! and CV! I always show up late to parties and nobody ever gives me a prize…:) You mention a good point, CV. Preparation. I am usually so driven just to get something off my plate, I don’t always do the requisite research to get the best deal. All part of the dance.

    CV, you do get one of Victoria’s books, A is for !@# hole, the ABCs of Conflict Resolution. Comes out in July-ish. And you should probably jump on the free call next Tuesday the 25th. (There will be a special discount offered to participants).

    Here’s the link:

    Thank you Cali!

  6. I negotiate because I am relatively young and have been hearing those scary stats since before I graduated college. I always thing, well, if they think badly of me because I ask and I’m a woman, do I really care that much about their option? Not sure if you’re still running your contest, but sounds like a very interesting course concept!

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