Heading to SOBCon! Taking Blog Strategy to Next Level…Stay Tuned

In January, this blog turned 4 years old.  What a journey!  I started blogging to have a place to share my seemingly endless perspectives on work+life fit and flexibility.  I’d hoped to connect and learn from others, but beyond that, I had no strategy.  Just writing about and linking to what I thought was important and interesting.  The results have exceeded my wildest expectations.

Then in November of last year, I received the distinction of “Successful and Outstanding Blogger (SOB)” from social media expert extraordinaire, Liz Strauss.  I was honored.  And in the process I learned about the annual bloggers conference Liz co-sponsors with Terry Starbucker, SOBCon.  I was intrigued.

I love blogging.  Truly, if I could create a medium from scratch that perfectly suits my personality, it would be a blog.  But what could I do to provide even more value to the thousands of readers who have chosen to visit and join the conversation?  How could I take an activity that’s been completely intuitive for four years to the next level?

On Thursday, I take off for Chicago to spend three days answering those questions.  So stay tuned!  And, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for joining me here and at Fast Company.   What I’ve learned from you has meant and continues to mean so much.  Let’s see what more we can do…

One thought on “Heading to SOBCon! Taking Blog Strategy to Next Level…Stay Tuned

  1. Congrats on being an SOB! I have your blog in my Reader and always look forward to new posts here and on FC. Have fun in Chicago!

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