Upgraded Work+Life Fit Blog Goes Live! Some Things I’ve Learned About Blogging…

After a brief hiatus, the Work+Life Fit Blog is back on line! While it may look basically the same on the outside, the entire functionality of the blog has been overhauled and upgraded. What does this mean? I will share a few things I’ve learned since starting my blog in February, 2006:

There’s a “blog” and then there’s a “BLOG”: What is the difference? When I started, I thought it was enough to have a “blog,” a page in which I could share my thoughts on a variety of work+life issues with a group of interested individuals who received my weekly emails about a new posting. Then, I realized that there was a whole universe of other bloggers with whom I could communicate and share these thoughts—commonly referred to as the “blogosphere.” How exciting!

But wait, not so fast. I needed a “BLOG” to participate credibly in this wonderful new world. I needed to post more often, and less formally. I needed a blogging platform that was technologically compatible with that of other bloggers who could then link to me using an RSS Feed or by “back tracking.” I needed categories in which to organize my postings. I needed a different “Comments” process to facilitate the two-way dialogue that makes blogging so unique. Bottomline: I needed an upgrade! So, now I have all of the above and plan to dive head first into the blogosphere. I hope you will join me.

RSS Feeds: While I will still send out my weekly email regarding my longer weekly blog commentary, I will also be blogging more frequently in between. My interim posts will be shorter and relate to more timely comments and observations about various work+life topical issues. You can receive all of my postings if you subscribe to something called an RSS feed. Here’s a link to the page from my site that explains how to use it—very cool.

Finally, why do I blog? This “upgrading” process has caused me to reflect on why I love blogging about this topic. To learn more, click on this link to the podcast of an interview I did with Chuck Zimmerman, the blogging expert who helped my “blog” become a “BLOG.” He does a weekly “ZimmCast” as part of his blog for the agricultural industry (his personal passion) www.agwired.com.

Work+Life Fit In the News: Check out my advice to entrepreneurs who work from home in the Chicago Sun Times!